Failing Teeth


What are Failing Teeth ?

Years ago, a good solution to replace all of your missing top teeth, bottom teeth, or both, didn’t exist. Many people settled for uncomfortable and imperfect solutions, such as partial dentures to replace their missing teeth.

Today, advances in dental technology and easy financing options have made it much easier to replace up to a full mouth of teeth in one simple dental procedure. This means you will no longer have to worry about removing partial dentures and cleaning them every night or the pain or the embarrassment of broken, decayed teeth. You will no longer have to avoid foods you used to love out of the fear of discomfort or further damage to your teeth. You will get your full smile back and nobody will know they’re not your natural teeth.

The Real Cost of Missing Teeth

Missing even a single tooth can cause significant mental, emotional, and physical health consequences. Many people who are missing teeth struggle to form personal and professional relationships because they avoid social settings.

Additionally, people with broken, decayed teeth compromise their nutrition due to their food choices. Broken, painful teeth cannot exert the same chewing forces as healthy teeth. Affected individuals will begin to avoid healthier food choices such raw fruits and vegetables, leaning towards more processed foods.

When they do attend social gatherings, individuals often avoid smiling or hide their smiles. However, by hiding your smile, people may think you’re not interested potential friendships or work opportunities, and romantic connections may  even fail to materialize. At work, a big bright smile is a sign of confidence. It positions you as likable and opens the doors for opportunities. The cost of missing teeth for your business and personal life can be very high.

Missing teeth impact your physical health, too. In fact, one large study found that people with no teeth had an increased risk of heart problems and death due to heart conditions, stroke, and more.[1] This is why it’s so important to get your mouth back to full working order.


Dental Implants Can Help

Our dental implants in Mt. Prospect, IL are permanently inserted into your mouth and a prosthesis is immediately placed on these implants. After this simple procedure you will get the full smile, natural feel, and optimal function you deserve. Nobody will know that they’re not your natural teeth.

Dental implants do not decay, either. You will still need to care for them to keep your gums and mouth in optimal health. However, they are as easy to care for as natural teeth – no taking them out and no messy adhesives.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Mt. Prospect?

Out-of-pocket costs for implants will vary from patient to patient based on a few factors, including your insurance plan. Our experts at Epic Periodontics and Implant Center have helped many patients maximize insurance coverage and minimize their out-of-pocket costs, including those who get dental implants in Mt. Prospect. We can also help you find easy financing options so you can fit the best care possible into your budget.

Although your out-of-pocket costs will depend on your exact needs and whether you have insurance that may offset it, our team will help you fully understand your options every step of the way.

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